Member of the Year (form)

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 A CSTC member will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of three past presidents of the Society and two non-members.  The person selected will be introduced at an appropriate meeting of the Society and presented with a plaque.  A second plaque will be displayed at the Society office, which will bear the names of each year’s winner.

 Each chapter is encouraged to nominate at least one, but no more than two members from their chapter each year.  Nominations may also be made by any member-at-large.

 This nomination form should be given to each nominee at least one month prior to the deadline, for the nominee to complete pages 1 and 2.  At least two weeks prior to the deadline, the nomination form should be returned to the person submitting the nomination for completion of page 3.


Each candidate for the Member of the Year Award must have been an active Society Chapter member in good standing for no less than one full year.  No previous winner will be eligible in any succeeding year. 

 Deadline for submitting form:  October 31st